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1.     Education activities: 

- Educating and training personal in the fields of Industrial Management, Financial Accounting, E-Commerce, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
- Providing basic and fundamental knowledge for other educational programme of other faculties of the University. 
2.    Science and technology activities: Actively participating in scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of economics. 
1.     Education:

- Clearly identifying the demands of society and recommending courses of actions for various training fields.
- Developing educational curricula, teaching – and – studying plan and administrating the delivery of following majors: Industrial Management, Financial Accounting, E-Commerce, Logistics and supply chain management. 
- Organizing and executing other educational curricula related to the Faculty’s specialties according to the university’s overall teaching plan.
- Continuously improving pedagogical methods of teaching and learning, recommending extracurricular and academic plans for students, as well as maintenance plan for the Faculty’s equipment and facility.
- Conducting inspectorate on the Faculty’s educational activities.
2.     Scientific research:
Actively organizing activities related to scientific and technology; seeking for and exploiting potential international cooperations; cooperating with enterprises, scientific and technological organizations in terms of scientific research and business.  
3.     Administration of students and staff:
- Administrating academic and administrative staff as well as students of the Faculty, including: 
+ Recommending potential changes in structural organization and human resource of the Faculty.
+ Developing and implementing necessary courses of actions to improve overall quality of the academic staff and educationl activities of the Faculty.
+ Developing and improving professional knowledge of the academic staff, conducting inspectorate on academic staff both at staff and management level as required by the Statute of the university
- Managing and protecting the infrastructure and facility of the Faculty, planning ahead for necessary required human resource, equipment and infrastructure repair and maintenance.
- Coordinating with other related offices of the university in terms of overall student administration.

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