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The Faculty of Economics of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education was established on August 25th, 2007 as a separation from the Faculty of Political Science of Marxism – Leninism. In the beginning, the Faculty of Economics focused on 02 majors: Accounting and Industrial Management.


Nowadays, the Faculty of Economics has 04 majors at undergraduate level: Accounting, Industrial Management, E-Commerce, Logistics and supply chain management. In addition, the Faculty also has a major at postgraduate level: Economics Management … As an invaluable part of the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education – A university with a 55-year history of achievements and continuous development – the Faculty of Economics has utilized its strength and continuously developed itself in order to increase its educational quality.


Currently, the Faculty of Economics has nearly 40 lecturers at postgraduate levels, who graduated from eminent universities both inside and outside of Vietnam, especially, the number of Doctors of Philosophy and Postdoctoral Researchers has been on the rise. Young, enthusiastic, energetic, eager for knowledge and mastering of foreign languages are but a few characteristics of the lecturers of the faculty.


With the mission of providing high-quality human resources and scientific researchers in the fields Accounting - Finance, Industrial Management, E-Commerce, Logistics and Supply Chain Management in order to contribute to Vietnam’s development as a whole, the Faculty of Economics has always striven to conduct research and to apply the most advanced, 125 – credit CDIO oriented pedagogical methods of teaching in order to help students quickly and easily grasp and understand professional knowledge, develop necessary skills (presentations, teamwork, time management, soft skills, critical thinking and problem solving, etc). All of the educational programme of the Faculty will prepare the students with fundamental skills and knowledge, and from those comes the lifetime self – studying ability of students. All of these are to help students with their future careers as well as their adaptation ability in an ever-integrating global economy.


With respect to the major of Accounting, students are to learn how to make accounting for economic operations in various types of enterprises, to analyze the status of any enterprise through financial indicators, to make critical decisions for the success of the enterprises by utilizing information of cost, income, available resources, etc, and to achieve the most using a combination of any available resources.


With regard to the major of Industrial Management, students are equipped with economic knowledge in order to utilize available resources in business in the most efficient manner (such as production management, marketing, quality management, project management, human resource management, etc), in addition, the educational programme of the major helps the students to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to deal with problems in various fields of the economy.


Referring to the major of E-Commerce, beside from being equipped with fundamental knowledge of basic science, information technology, economics and management science, students are to be taught with width – and – depth knowledge in the implementation of information technology in companies’ activities, for example: Online trading, electronics payment, working with tax and customs agencies, company internal security, etc. Graduates of the Faculty can immediately apply their knowledge and skills without the need of re-training and start working as an employee or a manager for various departments of the companies: Business, marketing, import – export, international transactions, etc.


For the major of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, beside from being equipped with fundamental knowledge of basic science, information technology, economics and management science, students are to be taught with width – and – depth knowledge in the field of logistics, including (but not limited to): Transportation, insurance, customs declaration procedure, warehouse management, etc. The educational programme of the major is always adjusted and updated in order to satisfy new demands of the field of logistics and supply chain management. Graduates of the Faculty can work at Logistics Services Companies as an employee or a manager.


Regarding International Business major, students are equipped with basic scientific knowledge, both general and specialised in the field. Furthermore, students are developed business skills throughout the course such as analysis and opportunity – risk assessment, management skills…After graduation, students may find jobs in many fields and take on many roles, including financial management and supply chain management specialist, international marketing specialist or international investment specialist.


Students of the Faculty, after graduated, can find employment and career in a wide range of fields of economics, including (but not limited to): Economics management, finance, accounting and auditing, stock market, banking, e-commerce, logistics services, government organizations, etc. The educational quality of the Faculty has been soundly proved by the fact that: All graduates of the Faculty have very good jobs at various companies, and are well praised by their employers. This fact has been proved by annual jobs statistics sent by graduates and by their employers.


A special feature of credit – based educational programme lies in the student’s ability to actively plan their own studying plan ahead, in order to shorten the amount of required studying time (3.5 years instead of a traditional 4-year period) and to graduate earlier. Most of these special students are recruited by various enterprises right in their third year of studying.


A practice – orientation education has been an extremely fundamental factor in our educational programme since the Faculty’s foundation. As a result, the Faculty has been focusing on organizing study tours, extracurricular academic activities at various enterprises, as well as academic competitions, inviting key experts of various fields of economics to share with the students practical knowledge and skills in their related fields. These are all not only to encourage students to study, but also to empower them with practical knowledge and necessary skills in order for them to be well prepared and equipped in the future, and to allow students to have multiple approaches for studying. In addition, the Faculty also has strong connection to many companies, financial organizations, and with those relations comes the scholarship for the students of the Faculty.


Researching activities have been focused on and invested in by both the lecturers and students of the Faculty. Annually, the Faculty of Economics represents many scientific papers accepted at university level and at MOET level (Ministry of Education and Training).


Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education has invested in the facility and equipment for the Faculty of Economics for the purpose of creating a friendly and supporting studying environment for students, with fully equipped studying rooms, computing labs and a high-quality library with high number of books and documents in order to help students with their studying, and to save time and expense of the students.


On this website, you can find out about our curricula, our lecturers, students and the Associations of Former Students, as well as updated information about activities of the Faculty’s associations, clubs, etc.


The Faculty of Economics welcomes all of you.

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